M4 Method is a design studio agency of business apps and XR (Extended Reality) experiences. 


At our core design workflow, we work with human centre design practices and the business goals and objectives. This methodology ensures that not only the client experience is brought to the  design process but also the business key performance indicators. With our background in business development, app design and XR design, we create apps, spaces (digital buildings) and experiences that captivate the target client as well as it fulfills the return on investment goals. 


We have worked in a variety of projects involving apps for wellness, fitness, yoga, meditation, photography, art, events, education and business coaching.  We are a remote working studio located in Winnipeg, MB Canada and this model has allowed us to deploy apps and projects from anywhere in the world.  As part of our expansion we have currently expanded to other markets and recently we begin our offerings to spanish speaking countries.


We reflect our design style in apps and buildings with some elements in common: simplicity and functionality. we believe a smart design is easy for anyone to interact with and at the same time is practical, therefore attractive. 


Our why is like our design style: rooted in simplicity. We do what we do because we believe we are contributing to bring a positive impact in the world with simple but functional designs, impactful experiences through our minfulness philosophy and natural inspiration. We are open to collaborate with fundraisers and we are a socially conscious business agency. 


You can reach out to discuss your projects at m4method@dianaolynick.com or 204 - 900 6404 or schedule an appointment through our exclusive app consulting program:  PLAN APP