Using Horizon Workrooms by Facebook for Interactive Meetings

Written on 09/25/2021
Diana Olynick

Facebook is the leader in the field of social media. In fact, 59% of the total social media users are on Facebook. Moreover, the platform has over 2.80 billion active users on a monthly basis. Now, the social media pioneer has given its valued users a phenomenal platform.


Facebook has officially introduced Horizon Workrooms in 2021. Horizon Workrooms enable the users to access a shared virtual place with others, regardless of the physical distance. Augmented Reality (AR) powers this immensely valued platform. Facebook’s new platform came as a result of massive shifts to remote work due to the pandemic and benefits as well. 


What led to the Creation of Horizon Workrooms?


We all know that the COVID-19 struck the corporate culture in the worst manner. As the pandemic was declared, everyone had to abruptly shift to remote-based work. It took many companies a year to adapt to the new normal. A major chunk of people struggled. 


Eventually, many companies adapted to remote-based work. However, there is still a big problem when it comes to the right collective tools. Moreover, the productivity is far less, as compared to in-person work. That atmosphere of collaboration and shared space was something missing. In these scenarios, many leaders were at a loss, as they could not have their teammates with them. 


This realization came at the right time for Facebook. The pros at Facebook were smart enough to sense the lacking. That realization led to the creation of a virtual sound platform called Horizon Workrooms. It allows people to work together in a shared digital workplace. It enables the teams to collaborate, connect, and communicate. This results in increased efficiency and productivity. The platforms function as the basis for AR and VR. 


In addition, the platform comes with valued addition features such as a whiteboard or idea boards. Moreover, substantial people use Facebook for business. That makes it easy for them to have meetings on a platform that is more compatible with Facebook. 


How to arrange interactive meetings on Horizon Workrooms?


Now you can effectually have meetings with your clients on Horizon Workrooms. Let us go through the simple process for arranging virtual meetings. 


First, you need to download the web application of Horizon Workrooms by Facebook. Next, you simply just need to make an account. As a new user, you can also make a company account. You can also download Horizon Workroom's VR App. 


Now, you create an account; it is now time to make a workroom team. After you make a workroom, you can send invites to your teammates or clients for joining the virtual space. 


This is the most convenient way; one can have an online meeting with clients. Make the most out of it. 


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