What Type of Stuff can I Convert into NFTs

Written on 09/25/2021
Diana Olynick

Within a short period, NFT sales have drastically skyrocketed. This year has been a golden one for NFTs. In just this June, over 93,089 NFTs were sold. Daily, NFTs thousands of valuable NFTs worth millions are sold over the internet. Moreover, there are over 39,000 unique NFT buyers recorded this year.


People with digital assets are making fortunes by selling and trading their NFTs. NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) has revolutionized the landscape of digital markets. There will be the time that NFTs will completely take over the trading industry shortly. 


If you are an entrepreneur, you can also benefit from NFTs. With sound digital assets, one can enhance the tone of their business. Moreover, with blockchain technology taking over, soon, a major chunk of business ventures will embrace NFTs. 


In this article, we gain an integral understanding of NFTs. Moreover, we will talk about items that you can convert into NFTs, to sell them. In addition, we learn about the process of creating an NFT. Without further ado, let us start. 


What are NFTs?


NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) are digital assets offering unique features and value. Moreover, they carry set worth and ownership. In essence, a non-fungible asset is something that cannot be divided. Its supply is limited. The term NFT denotes a digital asset that can be sold or auctioned online. In addition, NFTs are considered units of data. These data units are stored on blockchain technology ledgers. 


Why NFTs carry value?


non-fungible tokens denote digital assets are listed on the marketplace with a certificate of ownership. They are unique and limited in supply. Moreover, the value of an NFT is derived from its collectability as a digital asset. The value of an NFT is also determined depending on the potential future usage of that NFT. NFTs are openly traded and sold on various online marketplaces that are powered by blockchain technology. 


What Type of Stuff can you convert into NFTs?


Wondering about the things you can convert into an NFT. Well, there is a simple umbrella rule for this. In essence, you can opt for any item that can be transformed into a multi-media file. Some examples are paintings, books, songs, videos, etc. Moreover, you can also convert luxury goods, tickets, and video games. 


How can you create an NFT?


Below is a systematic process that tells you about the creation of an NFT. 


Selecting the Item


Blockchain technology offers a lot of flexibility in choosing an item for NFTs. However, the item you have has to offer unique value with your ownership. 


Choosing a Block-chain technology 


After you have selected an item to turn into an NFT, you now have to set a foundation. The whole digital assets game is solely based on the blockchain technology used. Ethereum is the most commonly used blockchain tech. With Ethereum, you can make an online wallet to store digital currency. 


Picking a Marketplace


Marketplace represents the virtual place where you will list your NFT. After opting for a marketplace, link your Ethereum wallet with it for payment and transactions.


Creating an NFT


Now, you are one step away from creating an NFT for your business. The platform will first ask you to make a collection. Click on the new item icon. Next, upload the digital format of your asset to the platform. Lastly, click the create button.


Now, your asset is all set to be sold as an NFT. You can either put it on auction or set a fixed price. You will receive tokens as payment. In addition, you can get royalties on your book's sale. 


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