How technology can help you gain more sales and clients in your business

Written on 10/13/2021
Diana Olynick

Whatever field your business belongs to, there is no doubt that the use of modern technology can help you to gain more sales and clients.


Read on to find out how to easily boost your business using technology.


Mobile Payments


The use of mobile payments looks set to grow rapidly over the coming years.

You can use this hi-tech method of collecting funds for online sales and membership and subscription renewals among other things.  Mobile payments are a superb way to be paid quickly and efficiently, without having to find your way around a billing or invoicing system. 

Using mobile payments will also ensure that you never have any problems with bouncing checks.


Social Media


No business should exclude being present on one or more social media platforms.  It is simply expected that you are there.


When customers feel that you are relatable, real, and tangible, they are far more likely to place an order.  


Post photos on Instagram, Tweet on Twitter.  Ensure that you reply to any comments that people leave for you.  This makes them feel valued and a part of something and will help you to build an army of loyal customers.


Web and Mobile Platforms


Like social media, a website is a must these days for boosting sales and attracting new customers.


Customers love to check business websites whilst relaxing with their phones and tablets, and this is a great way to showcase your brand and the aspects of your business that make you different from your competition.




If your business is a shop or even an enterprise that offers a service such as a salon, you should consider selling products from your website as well as in the ‘real world’.  


It is pretty simple to add an online shopping cart system to any website and you will be able to attract customers from all over the world and not just in your local vicinity.


Do not underestimate the worth of spontaneous shoppers who go to your website just for a look, and end up treating themselves when they like what they see.


Free Wi-Fi

If you own a physical rather than a digital business, you should definitely consider offering free Wi-Fi in your establishment.


Not only will this encourage customers to choose your business over someone else’s, but they may also stay longer to use it.


In addition to this, free Wi-Fi encourages visitors to post on social media whilst they are there (many mobile data plans prohibit too much of this activity).  This can bring in numerous new customers.


You could additionally put up signs saying for example, “Use our free wi-fi to leave us a review - 5% discount if you do”.


This is a great way to incorporate technology into your business and you could create a real buzz and massively drive up your sales.


Use Email Marketing


Whatever your business, email marketing has been shown to be super effective at driving up sales and building up a loyal customer base.


You can buy software that can do your email marketing for you automatically, so it doesn’t even need any extra work on your part.


Your customers can find out all about your current special offers, new products, and read your newsletters.  All of this plays a massive part in encouraging new and repeat sales.


Thanks so much for reading our article about how technology can help your business.  Is there anything that has worked particularly well for you?  Please do let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you!


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