How to be productive and achieve your goals with a remote virtual team

Written on 10/13/2021
Diana Olynick

As technology progresses, the workplace has to adapt and keep up to remain competitive.  


The emergence of the home office has become a phenomenon in recent years, due to the development of fast and reliable internet speeds and portable technological devices.


Then, of course, came the Covid-19 pandemic.  This has forced many teams into working remotely from home, even if it was never an intention of the company.


Businesses that operate by relying on remote teams need to work in a completely different manner than traditional office-based enterprises.  


Gone is dropping in at the desks of your team members to ask how their projects are going.  There are no more informal work chats in the staff canteen or tea room.


Read on to find out some great tips to help you to be productive and achieve your goals when you are working with a remote virtual team. 


Use Smart Goals

When your team is working remotely, it is vitally important to set clear goals.  The Smart Goal system is ideal for motivating your remote team as it cuts through obscurity and ensures that everyone knows what they need to do and why.


Smart stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. 


When delegating and sharing tasks, this method will unite your remote team by giving workers a clear sense of direction that is well organized and realistic to achieve.


Keep Social


Just because there is no face-to-face chatting within a virtual team does not mean that such elements of office life are not important.


Humans are social creatures and need to communicate with one another.  


There is a huge and ever-growing variety of software and apps to address the isolation involved with remote working.


Video conference calls are brilliant for both team meetings and social chats.  There are apps available for sending members of the team visual kudos and high fives. How about suggesting lunch break online puzzle games to keep up the team motivation and feeling of unity?  


Never expect your team to operate as isolated individuals.  They may be working alone in their own homes, but they are still a team and need to feel this strongly if they are to remain valued and productive.


Make Time For One To One Meetings


Just as in the ‘real’ office environment, it is important to check in with your team members as individuals.


Some people adapt faster than others to remote working, and it is essential to bear this in mind and to schedule some time to check on everyone’s welfare.


It is a great idea to use face-to-face video chatting for this.  You can then see the bigger picture, such as body language, to get a feel for how your team members are getting on with remote working.


One-to-one meetings differ greatly from team events where some members may hide behind others.


Be observant.  Be approachable.  Be flexible.


You need to acknowledge that working remotely is a different experience for each member of the team. To be productive and achieve your goals, you will have to tweak how you plan and manage projects for each individual.


Do you work in or manage a remote virtual team?  Please let us know if you have any tips to share, our readers would find them useful!


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