The best affordable tech tools to automate your customer onboarding

Written on 10/21/2021
Diana Olynick

The customer onboarding process is a process that is used while getting new clients. It is an approach to telling your new clients how your products and services work and how they can get the best from them. It is your interaction with your customers.


Onboarding is a crucial step in the journey of a customer. A good customer onboarding process can result in a long-term and fruitful relationship between your company and the client. The best customer onboarding process is that which includes unlimited customer support and has user-friendly tutorials. Much onboarding tech software automates customer onboarding for your company. 

Onboarding techs tools provide the right documents and training to everyone who works for your company. There is much onboarding automation software. You have to choose according to the requirements of your company. 



Following are the top onboarding automation software that can help help you to automate your customer onboarding.




BambooHR is one of the best automation onboarding and offboarding tools for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is an affordable and easy-to-use onboarding tool. 


It comes in 2 packages with a 7-days free trial. Either you can choose the essential package or the advantage package based on your need. The essential package costs $6.19/person/month, and the advantage package comes in 8.25/person/month.



This onboarding tool is best for businesses of any type. It is affordable with flexible payment options. It is user-friendly and offers free payroll for one year. It also offers a 14-days free trial.


Its billing can be yearly or monthly, depending on your choice. It offers three different packages. You can use any package based on your need. Its price varies from package to package. The price of Zenefits ranges from $8 to $27 per person per month. 



GoCo is also a boarding automation tool. GoCo has many modern automation tools like time tracking, embedded payroll software, and synchronization capabilities. 


GoCo does not have any prior pricing tiers. You have to tell them your requirements, and they will tell you about the price. 


Zoho People

Zoho People best onboarding tool for global companies. It has many robust features of automation. With the help of Zoho People, you can customize your forms. It is affordable with flexible pricing. It also provides a high level of data security. 


Zoho has a web-based free version of onboarding. If you want to use premium features, you can use them at an affordable price. It also gives you a chance to use premium features for a 15-day free trial.



Boardon is very easy to use to create customized onboarding. It is also an affordable onboarding tool. It provides you with quick and customized support. 


It has a free version for a single user and an inactive user's account after 12 months. 




WorkBright is the best onboarding tool to connect mobiles. It provides access to new hires to documents and other onboarding details. 


Apart from these tools, you can use Gusto, JustWork, NetSuite PeopleSuit, and Newired tools of automation onboarding, which are affordable and reliable onboarding tools. 


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