The best apps for content creation

Written on 10/27/2021
Diana Olynick

Content creators often come across a situation in which they go blank and don't know what to write or create new and readers get tired of the same old topics. In this type of situation, they use different apps specifically designed to help the content creators get some more ideas and create some new content. There are a lot of content creation apps available on different platforms. Here are listen to some best apps for content creation.



Grammarly is wide used app by content writers to improve the quality of their content. Grammarly helps the creator identify grammar mistakes in their content and suggests them in writing content in a specific tone and flow. Grammarly can be used for free and it also offers some extra features in paid. The monthly bill of its premium account is $29.99.




ProWritingAid is also a proofreading and grammar checker app. It refines your self-writing. It is more affordable than Grammarly. This app costs $50 per year.




This is the best app for long-form writings. Scrivener helps writers and students to organize their ideas in writing. It also helps them in managing complicated writing projects. It is available on computer and mobile as well as on iPad too. The price of this app is $45. 



Write pro


Write Pro works as an app on your computer. This is also a content managing app. this app is a distraction-free app. It has a focus mode with white and dark themes. It helps the writer and content creator to optimize their work. It has a variety of fonts and editing features. This app costs $21.49 once.




Vellum helps the writer to create e-books. It helps to prepare e-book for publishing. It costs $299 once to create unlimited e-books.


IA Writer


IA writer is used to writing short blogs and articles. It is available for iPad, laptops, and mobiles. It is easy to use and manage.




This app is available for iPad, iPhone, and iMac. This app has many shortcuts and has the option to publish directly on WordPress.




Blurt is a new app for writers. It aims to help the writers in writing every day. After logging in, the writer can choose the type of project and the time limit. It helps in writing journals, blogs, a book, or an essay. 




this app is used to transcribe the speech. This speech-to-text app costs $1 per minute. You can upload the audio file to convert it into text.




This app is used to write stories and books. This is a new app. This app is also accessible through the web. This app helps the writer to arrange their ideas. For short stories and books, it is the best gives you a 14-days free trial.




Mindnode is a good app for content creation. As they say "every single idea starts with a single thought." Mindnode helps you to find new ideas from different people that lead to the creation of new content.




Content gems put different kinds of news and content in a single e-mail from where you can choose your topic for search and content related to that topic comes into your email. 


Hemingway Editor App


This app is dedicated to the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. This app helps content creators to create and optimize their content. This app helps to evaluate the content. So, content creators can manage their content easily with this app.




Glipho helps the content creators in creating new content. Content creators publish their content in Glipho and people from around the world come up with ideas for its sequel.


Headline Analyzer


Headline analyzer is a pc extension app. This helps the content creators to analyze and creator a better headline for their content to attract more readers. 


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