How to automate your marketing and CRM?

Written on 12/01/2021
Diana Olynick

In the process of Marketing Automation, the software is used to automate marketing tasks online. It allows the company to manage marketing tasks targeting an effective audience. It is similar to drip marketing which improves engagement and generates effective selling. To accomplish this task in a better way, you need to choose the best software. 


Benchmarkone is a company that helps small businesses automate marketing and CRM activities. They have a crew of marketing and sales experts with a passion for helping small businesses grow. They help small businesses and agencies improve their professional relationships by providing an all-in-one marketing and CRM automation system and increasing their sales. In this article, we will learn how to automate your marketing and CRM using benchmark software.


Automating Marketing And CRM


Marketing automation is something that helps you reach the right person for your product. It increases your reach to the relevant audience. This is one way to gain loyal customers and ripe more opportunities. It helps you build a better relationship with new customers and prevent you from wasting time chasing the cold leads. Marketing automation can help your business build better strategies, Improve communication, and accurate targeting. It attracts all the leads at one location, and then the next stage of the process is automated by the tool. With the help of marketing automation, all costly leaks are stopped. Additionally, it helps you get more customers back, right into the sales funnel. Marketing automation is done Using different automation features present in the software. For instance, website tagging and tracking, drip marketing, or lead scoring. However, software for marketing automation remains incomplete without CRM that is (Customer Relationship Management System) 


How does It work?


To automate Marketing and CRM activities with benchmark one, all you need is to follow the following instructions.

  • To use this software, the first step is to open their website and log in to their customer contact place. There you can sign up to buy the software. 
  • To sign up, you first need to create an account. The website will show up with a form with two parts. First, you will have to jot down the details of your plan and then your company details. Complete the captcha, and you can now click to officially be able to use benchmark one software. 
  • The website offers you to sign up for free and then upgrade anytime whenever it feels worth it. This is an amazing opportunity for people who are new to these kinds of software and are reluctant to spend any money on it.
  • Benchmark also offers a free tour to see how it works.
  • Once you get the software, it provides you with a dashboard including charts, figures, and data about your different types of marketing activities, for example, your email activity, current engagement, and new contacts of the month.  
  • You will have different options to start with. These are all marketing activities you can do for your marketing and CRM automation including, sending a newsletter to your list, nurturing cold contacts, managing your sales pipelines, capture, or catching contacts from your website, and much more.
  • Now, if you choose the "manage your pipeline" task, it will open a chart of your activity. The responses or mails, pending or attended meetings, etc. The same goes for all other activities you choose to open.
  • The software will provide you with tools to convert leads into customers, and everything is just a click away.
  • The subscription to this software will provide you with online support, A full month of access to free consultancy, phone support, and email support. Moreover, they also offer live training sessions to make you understand it in a better way. Their premium package also includes business strategy sessions.



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