How to automate your customer services?

Written on 12/01/2021
Diana Olynick

Customer services are a representation of how much you care about your customers. It is important to have good and reliable customer service for your company. It can be a difficult task to manually manage this department. This will require a ton of employees who are always available to answer customers’ complaints and queries. This is not always affordable, especially for small businesses.


One thing that could be done for a company to have customer service and still be able to afford to run this department is by automating most of its features. Freshdesk enables you to automate various customer service features. Following are the things that you would need to do to automate your customer services with Freshdesk.


Setting up self-service:


Self-service is an important feature. This saves the agent's time and helps the customer figure out the solution to a problem independently.

  • Knowledge base:

This is the place that contains information to frequently asked questions. It is a self-service portal that customers can access if they have any questions and need help.

This is how a knowledge base looks like.



Not only the customers but the service employees can also make use of the knowledge base and solve customers’ issues. You need to update your knowledge base frequently and make sure that all the frequently asked questions are answered there. You can even add step-by-step guides to the knowledge base.

  • Chatbots:

Having chatbots can help your customer a lot. This is an interactive way to engage with your customer, and the best part is that it is automated.

If you do not have a team of developers who can get you a chatbot, then no need to worry. Freshdesk has a feature that lets you build a chatbot without coding.

  • Widgets:

To have a widget is always a good option. A help widget can give the user access to the help section from whichever page they want.

This is what the help widget looks like on your page.



You can use Freshdesk to have your help widget that can even redirect your customer to the help page. This widget can be customized any way you want. You can have your company’s logo as well on the widget.


Setting up workflows:


You can automate workflows to the extent that you can have your customer support system work on autopilot.

To achieve this, you can use Freshdesk and Freddy AI for CX. This can help you with:

  • Automate the workflow flow of tickets which involves having follow-ups with customers, updating tickets, and much more.
  • Choose which agent should take the next call analyzing their workload.
  • Help customer support employees manage complex workflows with just a click of a button.

Setting up canned responses:


Using these, you can respond to your customers quickly, and there will be no need to type the complete messages. This saves up time and helps you interact with the customer more efficiently by giving them prompt replies.


Freshdesk has a canned-response-suggester. It works with the help of Freddy AI and helps the agent by giving them a list of canned responses that might be appropriate for a particular situation. The agent can choose the best response from the list.

This helps your customer service employees respond fast to tickets. As time is important for both you and your customer, thus you must have a quick and efficient system.


Monitoring the system:


You must monitor your customer support system. This helps you plan your strategy on how to make the system better.

Following are the things that you should keep an eye on:

  • Resolution Time:

This is the average time in which a customer gets their problem solved. You can work on improving this time by having better-canned responses as they greatly affect response times.

  • Satisfaction Score:

The customer satisfaction score serves as feedback from the customer. It helps you analyze if your customer's service is lacking anywhere or not.

  • Effort Score:

This metric tells you that if it is easy for your customers to get a problem solved. It is important to keep an eye on the effort score.

  • Ticket Score:

You need to know how many tickets you receive over some time. This helps you analyze whether there is a need for improvement or not. You can handle tickets efficiently with canned responses and self-service portals.



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