Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A VR App In Unity or Unreal Engine

Written on 02/14/2022
Diana Olynick

Yes, making mistakes is part of our lives. However, you wouldn't make mistakes if you knew about them beforehand. The same is the case when you are creating a VR app. Developers tend to make mistakes when using Unity or Unreal Engine. This article will pinpoint some of the mistakes you can avoid to create an effective VR App using Unity or Unreal Engine!


What is Virtual Reality?


VR technology acts as a transporter to shift individuals from the world into an immersive virtual one. It doesn't make individuals go to distant locations, but it offers a sensation. Because you are only a bystander, your view of reality is unaffected by your immersion in virtual reality.


Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A VR App In Unity or Unreal Engine 


  • Using Both C++ and JavaScript In Both Scripts – Unity 

Scripts for VR applications created using Unity may be written in JavaScript or C# (attached to the objects). Combining both would be a mistake, however. Any other script, including the creator, will have difficulty interacting with a script that utilizes both dialects. 

It is an utter misconception that dealing with C# or JavaScript in Unity has any particular benefit – and programmers should stay with either one (and not use both) when creating a VR application.


  • Not Using Scripts That Are Generic Enough – Unity 

This is especially crucial for mobile application development companies writing in C# using Unity. Since a code's reusability is strongly related to the genericity of its scripts, writing custom scripts means starting over every time you start a new program (rather than having a reasonably readymade template). 

However, avoid utilizing the same set of protocols for all subclasses, as it might create significant code management difficulties. Utilizing programs as often as feasible also lowers the potential problem of code duplication.


  • Not Using Blueprints – Unreal Engine 

No Unreal Engine application of a VR application should be developed entirely in C++. It is not only unrealistic, but it may very well be impracticable. Throughout their work experience with UE, most game design professionals have become proficient with the Blueprints tool. 


However, when you do not disclose your methods to Blueprints or establish Blueprint APIs for your VR app, they would not add to your project's progress. Start by looking at Blueprints and your C++ effort from the app's content and structure. You might not like o "roast in" your development logic into your app's central systems. 


We should consider our application logic as content so that anybody with a working knowledge of Blueprints may change it throughout the prototype and iteration stages. Let alone that there are significantly more individuals in the business adept at Blueprints than those certified in C++ for Unreal. 

Consider your time as a precious asset, outsource scripting tasks that others could perform to other group members, and concentrate on building your movie's fundamental foundation and more specific technologies. That is something that only you are capable of.


  • Not Taking Breaks When Creating A VR App – Unreal Engine

According to research, overlapping learning is better at helping students retain and grasp knowledge than just having them work on a problem or practice the same skill repeatedly. For this reason, you should usually avoid spending too much effort on a problem you run across when learning C++ for UE and Unity. Whenever you can't resolve it, give it a break, come right back again some other day. You might also take an online course to broaden your horizons.

Using Unreal Engine as a learning tool can help you become a better programmer in the long run, even if you don't go as far as quickly. It's simple math.


Final Word 


As you've seen, creating a VR application is a sophisticated and time-consuming procedure. Even while it takes a lot of work, the rewards are well worth it. So, instead of wasting your energy and hoping for the best, stay away from virtual reality projects. Without sufficient technical abilities, you could require help from a top software development firm with considerable expertise in the sector.


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