What is AR social media and how you can use it in your business?

Written on 02/23/2022
Diana Olynick

AR (Augmented Reality) is often mistaken for VR (Virtual Reality) despite the two technologies hold their differences. While there are some parallels, virtual reality indicates the creation of a completely different world from the start- a simulation of the physical and envisioned worlds, whether it's time traveling to wander with extinct species in actual locations or venturing to an imagined future where nothing seems familiar. 

On the other side, Augmented Reality transforms the original universe. It overlays it with virtual, computer-generated augmentations to enrich human experiences and is already firmly embedded in social media, in large part due to Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat holds a significant portion of AR's fame.


Effect of AR on businesses


The rise of AR in the past years has opened a gateway for business owners to attract more customers and manipulate impulse buying to boost their sales with new ways to promote their stores and products online and/or services in engaging scenarios. A few AR-related upcoming expectations include AR Virtual Stores, which will enable customers to not only shop for products online but will soon allow them to virtually visit any store of their choice, test their desired products, and purchase them, similar to online shopping only more exciting. This sole interaction is anticipated to steep a rise in impulse buying. 

AR and live events have recently collaborated to arrange an event the user could attend from anywhere in the world or virtual-physically interact with other users through AR Games. This technology has already been used by different brands, has seen success, and is also stated to be the future in a matter of another few years. 

Alongside, AR Videos have also been a target by brands who contemplate further engaging their audiences by developing participative AR Content. If they all provide any service, AR Videos can also show buyers the users possible feedback if they purchased the service. AR Technology will simultaneously create more brand awareness as a great AR Experience holds immense potential to be the talk of the town. In terms, if an AR Experience is successful and receives a decent rating from users, it is highly likely for the audience to spread the word-of-mouth and promote UGC, which also results in further advertising of the brand and/or business. 


Boost your sales with AR Technology via Social Media. 


The most used social platform, Facebook even provides the facility where it supports its online sellers to further share the experience of the product. Catching up with the rising marketplace; Instagram by Meta, Twitter has recently enabled monetization to assist its users in earning via multiple means and also allows the owners to promote their businesses to a wider audience. Including Pinterest that captures the attention of a potential buyer with the aesthetic product on sale, which might lead to the recognition of your business by a reputed influencer that may increase sales and, hence, generate more revenue. 

However, amidst the trending social media applications that have promised to help you enable your business to rocket and increase website traffic, Snapchat wears the crown for AR Technology at best, as it virtually presents the brand in a single capture and amuses the consumer with the single snap. 

AR Technology holds the potential to viral your content; a single screen would be enough to divert a dozen customers your way in a matter of a few views! Utilize the rising technology for yourself and touch the heavens with your creativity for your business. 


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