The journey and story of a digital artist

Our guest on The DO Show for today is a designer and artist living in Brussels. 


Meet Jesus Azogue, a digital artist experimenting with different media and formats, combining traditional techniques with the latest innovations.


This is the journey and story of a digital artist. Our interview with Jesus Azogue was conducted in a digital environment. But from Canada to Belgium, we were able to have a conversation with him as if we were in the same room. Big thanks to our digital artists and creators who made this and other useful digital innovations possible.


I’m excited, Jesus Azogue agreed to share this amazing gallery in virtual reality with us on The DO.! Show.


Some of the highlights of our interview include the following:


01:25 – How virtual exhibition started

02:54 -  How he combines his work with the development of an artistic community in Brussels

04:03 - The emotions from the artists to the audience

04:22 - How Jose define what creative people do 

05:48 - How does he reflect himself in his arts


It was a real pleasure talking to Jesus Azogue. His determination to succeed is inspirational. He has a lot to teach others through these arts and design in virtual reality.


Please let me know what do you find interesting from this unique interview. Enjoy the bear dancing!




If you would like to reach out to Jesus Azogue, His website is www.jesusazogue.com and you can follow her on Instagram @joseazogue