Human & AI Hybrid Art

Our guest on The DO Show for today is recognized as one of the founding creators of the AI art movement and noted for the nuanced balance he achieves in human-AI hybrid art.


Meet Daniel Ambrosi, who is based in Half Moon Bay, California, near Silicon Valley, who has been researching new methods of visual presentation for about 40 years. Having graduated from Cornell University's Program of Computer Graphics with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters in 3D Graphics, he is now dedicated to bridging the gap between human and AI art expression. 


I’m excited for Daniel Ambrosi’s amazing project with us on The DO.! Show.


Some of the highlights of our interview include the following:

01:07 - How did Daniel get inspired to create this amazing AI art 

03:22 - What led Daniel to create the physical displays of Dreamscapes

05:00 - How Daniel describe the approach of artificial intelligence to the AI art movement 

09:22 - What is Daniel’s  main focus for this amazing project


I had this amazing opportunity to talk with Daniel. Please let me know what do you find interesting from this unique interview.


You can find Daniel and his amazing work, here:


Listen to the full interview now on The D.O! Show!