The journey of a Visual 3D designer

Posted on 09/25/2021
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Our guest on The DO Show for today is a 3D artist currently part of Google as a UX & Visual Designer.


Meet Jarlan Perez, He is a visual designer primarily focused on 3D design, sci-fi work, hard and surfaces. We met at his new gallery, Arc Novo, which is a large virtual space created to host events and art exhibitions. 


The gallery was created and launched to present numerous artists in one go, and it supports a variety of standardized file types, allowing artists to display their work in any form they desire.


I’m excited, Jarlan Perez agreed to share his amazing project with us on The DO.! Show.


Some of the highlights of our interview include the following:


00:52 - How virtual space exhibition started

01:56 - What inspired Jarlan to create the amazing visual design

03:38 - The tools he uses to produce this type of 3D design art

04:26 - What is Jarlan plan for this in future

04:50 -  What is Jarlan main focus for this amazing project


I had this amazing opportunity to talk with Jarlan about his most recent project: Arc Novo, why and how he came up with the design and his future projects. 

Please let me know what do you find interesting from this unique interview.

You can find Jarlan and his amazing work, here:







Listen to the full interview now on The D.O! Show!