Fine paint art in Spatial

Posted on 09/25/2021
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Our guest on The DO Show for today is an expert on the creation of VR Galleries utilizing Spatial. He has for many years been working as a spray paint artist creating futuristic landscapes. 


Meet Tyronne Webb, He was on the board of the Boulder Art Association before moving back to his hometown in Pennsylvania. He is currently a full-time resident artist at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem. His work is bold and colorful, futuristic without an emphasis on technology, but rather on nature.


I’m excited for Tyronne Webb’s amazing project with us on The DO.! Show.


Some of the highlights of our interview include the following:

00:40 - How did Tyronne get inspired to create Fine Spray Paint Art

05:12 - What gives Tyronne motivation to create the amazing Fine Spray Paint Art

06:32 - The secret behind the art of “ Secret spot” - The happy mistake

09:08 - How Tyronne started the Fine Spray Paint Art


I had this amazing opportunity to talk with Tyronne. Please let me know what do you find interesting from this unique interview.


You can find and his amazing work, here:


Listen to the full interview now on The D.O! Show!